Humble Choice For October 2023 - Get The Quarry And 7 Other Games For $12


October 2023's Humble Choice lineup is now available for Humble Choice subscribers. This month's batch of PC games includes horror-themed titles that are perfect for Halloween, a blood-pumping shooter, plus a few life sims, strategy games, and even a cute puzzle-platformer. You can claim and keep all eight games for just $12.

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Humble Choice Collection October 2023

  • The Quarry Deluxe Edition
  • Metal Hellsinger
  • Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
  • Rebel Inc: Escalation
  • Spirit of the Island
  • Lords and Villeins
  • A Juggler's Tale
  • Mr. Prepper

Headlining this month is The Quarry Deluxe edition, a narrative-focused adventure game about a group of teenage summer camp counselors hunted by murderous locals--a perfect scenario for the Halloween season. The game plays like an interactive horror movie (much like Until Dawn) where your dialogue choices and reactions to in-game events change how the story unfolds. However, if that's too much pressure, there's a rewind feature that lets you replay scenes to try for a different outcome, and a movie mode so you can just enjoy the story without pressing buttons.

The Quarry isn't the only interactive horror movie in this month's Humble Choice lineup. There's also House of Ashes, which sees a group of US Special Forces trapped in an underground Sumerian temple teeming with supernatural creatures. The game features solo and co-op modes, so you and up to four friends can control different characters in the story and see the many branching paths.

Sticking with the supernatural theme but switching to a different genre, there's Metal: Hellsinger. This heavy metal-themed first-person shooter features rhythm-based gameplay where you shoot and melee your way through the hordes of Hell. Attacking on-tempo increases the points you earn and ramps up the background music's intensity.

Beyond those three Halloween-friendly picks, there's also the political espionage strategy game Rebel Inc: Escalation, the side-scrolling adventure A Juggler's Tale, and a trio of life sim and town management games with Spirit of the Island, Lorde and Villeins, and Mr. Prepper.

Humble Choice subscribers can download all eight games now. If you're not a member, you can sign up for Humble Choice for just $12/month and gain immediate access to the full lineup. You get other bonuses like store discounts and access to the Humble Games Collection, which includes a rotating library of PC games you can download at no additional charge. However, unlike the monthly games, you can only play the Humble Games Collection if you're an active member.

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