Multidisciplinary creative projects managed by the team behind Blick Shared Studios.

Flock brings together the creative talent involved with Blick to work collectively on creative projects and events.

We love coming up with new and creative ideas and delivering them effectively. Working creatively and collectively to develop events and projects that connect with their audience. We can work with you to design, develop and deliver your events or projects. Coming up with unique and original ideas and helping you attract new and diverse audiences.

Past projects include podcasts, online platforms, pop-ups, dinners, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops, training and incubation programs, business support and networking events, talks, conferences and festivals. Including Small Town Big Dreams podcast for creative entrepreneurs, Belfast Design Week design festival, 25 Pop-up design shop, Womenfolk online platform and events for female design entrepreneurs. The diversity of the skills involved with Blick means we can provide a wide range of services including design, film, writing, marketing and events management.

Flock is a social enterprise, our profits go back into Blick Shared Studios, a charity that encourages and supports creative entrepreneurship and the creative industries  in Northern Ireland.

If you think you might like to work with us please get in touch!